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Vegetable Biryani (How to Make Veg Biryani)

Vegan Recipes
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Vegetable Biryani (How to Make Veg Biryani) Vegetable Biryani (How to Make Veg Biryani)

Vegetable Biryani (How to Make Veg Biryani)

This restaurant-style vegetable biryani is so aromatic and delicious, but it is also so easy to make! Dig through layers of long-grain basmati rice and a flavor-loaded masala sauce with biryani spices, nuts and tons of vegetables. It's the ultimate Indian comfort food!
The post Vegetable Biryani (How to Make Veg Biryani) appeared first on Holy Cow Vegan.

This restaurant-style vegetable biryani is so aromatic and delicious, but it is also so easy to make! Dig through layers of long-grain basmati rice and a flavor-loaded masala sauce with biryani spices, crunchy nuts and tons of vegetables. It's the ultimate Indian comfort food!

How to make vegetable biryani

Skip to the recipe card for detailed instructions. The recipe card includes a video recorded when I first posted this recipe. I've tweaked the recipe since but you can still follow the video for technique and instructions.
1. Place basmati rice in a colander and wash it under running water.

2. Place the rice in a bowl covered with an inch of water. Let stand 30 minutes. Drain.

3. Bring a large pot of water to boil and add bay leaves, half the cloves, half the cardamom pods and half the caraway seeds (shahi jeera).

4. When the water comes to a rolling boil add the soaked basmati rice (make sure you've drained out the water). Cook 6-7 minutes until the rice is about 80 percent done--tender but with a good bite to it still.

5. Strain the rice in a colander, wash unde...
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Vegetable Biryani (How to Make Veg Biryani) Vegetable Biryani (How to Make Veg Biryani)


Source of the new: Holy Cow
Publication date: 11-01-2023 02:45
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