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Vegan Pepperoni pasta

Vegan Recipes
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Vegan Pepperoni pasta Vegan Pepperoni pasta

Vegan Pepperoni pasta

Vegan Pepperoni Pasta, A simple weeknight dinner, takes a few steps, but tastes gourmet and packs a flavor punch! This pepperoni pasta is made with homemade vegan pepperoni, fragrant Italian herbs, spinach, and vegan parmesan cheese and takes just 30 minutes. Glutenfree option  I am always on the lookout for a 30-minute-or-less pasta dinner that everyone...
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Vegan Pepperoni Pasta, A simple weeknight dinner, takes a few steps, but tastes gourmet and packs a flavor punch! This pepperoni pasta is made with homemade vegan pepperoni, fragrant Italian herbs, spinach, and vegan parmesan cheese and takes just 30 minutes. Glutenfree option 

I am always on the lookout for a 30-minute-or-less pasta dinner that everyone at the table will be excited about eating. This vegan pepperoni pasta is one of those recipes. I had a bunch of my from scratch vegan and gluten-free pepperoni to use up from the test batches, and what better way than a quick weeknight meal! The pepperoni is easy and fun and also really cheap to make. Here is the recipe to try it out!
If you don’t have the time to make your own vegan pepperoni, you can use some store-bought Italian vegan sausage or vegan pepperoni for this pasta. And then grab some pasta, spinach and a few other ingredients and we’re ready to make a restaurant-quality comforting pasta dish.

This pasta sauce is layered with flavors and has a nice spicy kick from red p...
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Vegan Pepperoni pasta Vegan Pepperoni pasta


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Publication date: 25-07-2022 02:45
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