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Level Up Your VEGAN GAME!! #shorts

Vegan Recipes
Fuente: Cheap Lazy Vegan - View all news from this site
Level Up Your VEGAN GAME!! #shorts Level Up Your VEGAN GAME!! #shorts

Level Up Your VEGAN GAME!! #shorts

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Level Up Your VEGAN GAME!! #shorts Level Up Your VEGAN GAME!! #shorts


Source of the new: Cheap Lazy Vegan
Publication date: 10-07-2024 05:02
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22-07-2024 05:02

I Gained FAT Again ? WHAT I ATE IN A WEEK to Lose Weight (VE

? Get 15% off Complement Essential, my favourite multivitamin designed for plant-based eaters ...
21-07-2024 05:02

One-Pot Thai-Inspired Green Curry Recipe (vegan + gluten-fre

One-Pot Thai-Inspired Green Curry Recipe- easy to make and packed with flavor, this vegan Thai-inspired curry is sure to be a weeknight favorite! (glu ...
21-07-2024 05:02

What I Eat In A Day as a VEGAN | Vacation in Panama City Bea

Listen to Takiya Mason\'s music: ? RECIPES FROM THIS VIDEO ? Pineapp ...
20-07-2024 05:02

A *packing* vlog: cottage weekend!

Heading to our cottage in PEI, Canada last minute! Come pack with me, prep for the trip & hit the road with our (almost) 1 year old baby! MY CHOCOLATE ...
20-07-2024 05:02

Vegan Peanut Butter Cake with Chocolate Peanut Butter Glaze

An easy, vegan peanut butter cake with decadent chocolate peanut butter glaze on top is a show-stopping dessert. This is the ultimate, moist peanut bu ...
20-07-2024 05:00

Indo Chinese Crispy Chicken with Soy curls(nut-free with gf

Indo Chinese crispy chicken has amazing textures and flavors! Soy curls with a crisp coating are tossed in a sticky-spicy-garlicky sauce. Serve this a ...
18-07-2024 05:00

Quinoa & Black Bean Salad

Quinoa Black Bean Salad is an easy meal prep lunch idea. It\'s loaded with plant-based protein and can be enjoyed straight from the fridge! ...
17-07-2024 05:02

Restaurant-Style Vegetable Bhuna (North Indian Veggie Curry)

Vegetable bhuna is a rich, restaurant-style Indian curry with an amazing flavor. You can add your favorite veggies to make this your own! The post Res ...
15-07-2024 05:00

Trying TikTok Viral WEIGHT LOSS & HIGH PROTEIN Recipes For a

? 1 MORE DAY LEFT FOR 99% OFF PLANT BASED BUNDLE~ 110+ eBooks for ONLY $50 ?? Plant Based Bundle is a collection of over 110 ...
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Lake day with our baby! | picnic lunch recipe & lake day ess

Come prep for and spend a day at the lake with us and our baby! Lando turns 1 this week, I can\'t believe it. He is so much fun lately and looooves th ...
13-07-2024 05:02

What I ate as a VEGAN of 10 years! #shorts

2 MORE DAYS TO GET 99% OFF - Plant Based Bundle is a collection of over 110+ eBooks, guides & courses for ONLY $50 TOTAL! Th ...
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I ATE TOFU FOR EVERY MEAL (What I ate in a day!)

? 3 MORE DAYS LEFT FOR 99% OFF BUNDLE ? ?? Plant Based Bundle is a collecti ...
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Easy Muesli

This Muesli recipe is a healthy breakfast idea that you meal prep for the week. It\'s gluten-free and easy to assemble! ...
12-07-2024 05:02

Level Up Your VEGAN GAME!! #shorts

GET THE BUNDLE (110 eBooks for ONLY $50): My NEW Vegan Sushi At Home eBook is now part of the ?PLANT BASED BUNDLE ?, a colle ...
10-07-2024 05:02


110+ eBooks for ONLY $50! PLANT BASED BUNDLE: (Including my brand new VEGAN SUSHI AT HOME eBook plus 110+ more eBooks from ot ...
09-07-2024 05:03

Coconut Peach Popsicles

These Coconut Peach Popsicles are not only a treat for your taste buds but also a healthier alternative to store-bought popsicles. The post Coconut P ...
09-07-2024 05:00

Gochujang Chickpea Salad Sandwich with Gochujang Caramelized

A creamy, spicy gochujang chickpea salad sandwich with spicy-sweet gochujang caramelized onions is a Korean-style twist on this lunchtime favorite! It ...
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110+ eBooks for ONLY $50! PLANT BASED BUNDLE: (Including my brand new VEGAN SUSHI AT HOME eBook plus 110+ more eBooks from ot ...
07-07-2024 05:02


?Vegan Nicoise Salad: ?Mango Guacamole Salad: ?Kal ...
07-07-2024 05:02

Making vegan pizza in our pizza oven | first Father's Day vl

Greg\'s first Father\'s Day! I got him a pizza oven so you bet we made pizza immediately! Come hang out for a very special weekend! My amazon storefr ...
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Travelling & Eating ALONE in SINGAPORE #shorts

TRAVEL WITH ROSE (Vegan Food Tours I?m hosting) ?? ??TURKEY. bookings close on July 10 (Sept 13-19) - ??GREECE (Sept 20- ...
06-07-2024 05:02

Vietnamese-Inspired Tofu Spring Rolls (Vegan)

Viatnamese-Inspired Tofu Spring Rolls- Made with crisp vegetables and fresh herbs, these plant-based spring rolls make for a light and filling meal th ...
06-07-2024 05:02


FULL RECIPE: #vegan #koreanfood #koreanvegan ...
04-07-2024 05:03

VEGAN IN COSTA RICA with MY FOLLOWERS ?? (vegan travel vlog)

TURKEY TRIP BOOKINGS CLOSE ON JULY 10TH! Book now to not miss this amazing adventure~ ??TURKEY/Turkiye (Sept 13-19) - ? ...
04-07-2024 05:03

Chopped Italian Sandwich (gluten-free, nut-free with soy-fre

You have got to try this fresh and crunchy chopped Italian sandwich with zesty red wine vinaigrette! It?s a super versatile lunch packed with fresh ve ...
04-07-2024 05:00

This salad would cost you $20 at a restaurant!!! #vegan #sho

03-07-2024 05:02


?? BOOK YOUR TRIP WITH ME TO TURKEY (bookings close JULY 10) - OTHER TRIPS: ??GREECE (Sept 20-26) - ...
02-07-2024 05:03

Vegan 4th of July Recipes

Seeing how the Fourth of July is right around the corner, I’d thought I put together a round-up of some of our favorite summer holiday recipes ...
02-07-2024 05:03

100g of protein meal prep but VEGAN"! #shorts

Watch the full MEAL PREP: ? Vegan Tuna Pasta Salad ? Tofu Budd ...
01-07-2024 05:03

Chocolate Chip Muffins (vegan. gluten-free option)

These super easy, bakery-style chocolate chip muffins come together really quickly using everyday ingredients. They?re tall, fluffy muffins packed wit ...
01-07-2024 05:00

I went to Singapore to EAT #shorts

COME TRAVEL WITH ROSE (Vegan Food Tours I?m hosting) ?? ??TURKEY. bookings close on July 10 (Sept 13-19) - ??GREECE (Sep ...
30-06-2024 05:02

Morning routine with a baby & outdoor home theatre set up we

Happy Friday! Come hang out while I show you my morning routine with my 11 month old, start a sourdough journey, watch an outdoor movie with friends a ...
29-06-2024 05:02

What I Ate in a Day GONE WRONG LOL Cooking With ONE HAND&quo

? Get 15% off Complement Essential, my favourite multivitamin designed for plant-based eaters ...
29-06-2024 05:02

Vegan Sponge Cakes (Strawberry Shortcake)

Vegan Sponge Cakes- made with simple pantry ingredients, these vegan sponge cakes come together in less than 30 minutes! (gluten-free option) I have ...
28-06-2024 05:03

Banana Ice Cream (Nice Cream!)

Banana ice cream (also called nice cream) will quickly become one of your favorite healthy desserts. There\'s only 1 ingredient required and the flavo ...
28-06-2024 05:03

Oven Roasted Potatoes

Oven roasted potatoes are an easy side dish that bake in 30 minutes. The easy seasoning makes them taste like they came from a restaurant! ...
27-06-2024 05:02

Cauliflower Pepper Fry (soy-free, nut-free, gluten-free)

Crispy cauliflower pepper fry stars tender cauliflower covered in a flavor-packed crunchy batter that you toss with this amazing sauce that?s full of ...
27-06-2024 05:00


COME TRAVEL WITH ROSE (Vegan Food Tours I?m hosting) ?? ??TURKEY (Sept 13-19) - ??GREECE - ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT (Sept 20-26 ...
25-06-2024 05:02

Come with ME to TURKEY / Turkiye ?? (BOOK NOW: link in descr

BOOK YOUR SPOT IN TURKIYE / TURKEY ?? September 13 - September 19 #vegantravel #vegantrip #grouptravel ...
24-06-2024 05:02

Creamy Lasagna Soup (1 pan 30 minute)

Easy creamy lasagna soup with a tomato-cream base is absolutely delicious and total comfort food. The lasagna sheets cook with the rest of the soup, s ...
24-06-2024 05:00

Can Vegans Eat SEAFOOD PASTA" #shorts

Full recipe: ? DOWNLOAD MY EBOOKS - ? BRAND NEW "No More ...
23-06-2024 05:04

A *baking* vlog: vegan lactation cookies, healthy brownies &

Did some baking this week for friends & us! Let\'s hang out and enjoy some yummy food! Thanks for being here :) Ninja Creami (linked in my Amazon sto ...
22-06-2024 05:02

The 5 Foods I Eat Every Week | active vegan lifestyle

Don?t forget to sign up for my newsletter! ??Turmeric Latte: ...
22-06-2024 05:02


COME TRAVEL WITH ME (Vegan Food Tours I?m hosting) ?? ??TURKEY (Sept 13-19) - ??GREECE; just 2 spots left! (Sept 20-26) ...
20-06-2024 05:02

Strawberry Mousse Cake (vegan, gluten-free option)

Make the most of strawberry season with this amazing strawberry mousse cake! It is jam packed with sweet-tart strawberries with a thick layer of rich ...
20-06-2024 05:00

Dhaba Chicken White Beans North Indian Curry(1 pan, 25 minut

Dhaba chicken white beans is a meatless version of the popular North Indian roadside dish. This flavorful dish comes together in one pan in less than ...
17-06-2024 05:00

SPRING HOME VLOG: catching up, everyday makeup routine, bein

A big chatty catch up vlog! Let me know what you want to see more of or what you need links for in the comments below :) MY BOOK: Indigo (Canada):... ...
15-06-2024 05:02
15-06-2024 05:02


COME TRAVEL WITH ROSE (Vegan Food Tours I?m hosting) ?? ??TURKEY (Sept 13-19) - ??GREECE (Sept 20-26) - ...
15-06-2024 05:02

Virgin Margarita Mocktail

This Margarita Mocktail is a delicious summer drink made without alcohol. Featuring fresh lime juice and a quick homemade simple syrup, it will remind ...
15-06-2024 05:02

Black Bean Salad

This Black Bean Salad is the perfect option to bring to a summer party or you can make it ahead of time for an easy meal prep lunch. Featuring black ...
13-06-2024 05:04

Vegan Crispy Chicken Sandwich (nut-free with gf and sf optio

A vegan crispy chicken sandwich with your favorite toppings is an easy vegan lunch or dinner! The crispy crunchy coating has an amazing flavor that?s ...
13-06-2024 05:00

ULTIMATE VEGAN SUSHI GUIDE ? (How to Make Vegan Sushi At Hom

NEW Vegan Sushi At Home eBook: ? ULTIMATE BUNDLE (get all 5 of my eBooks for 20% off): https ...
12-06-2024 05:02


COME ON A VEGAN FOOD TOUR WITH ME ?? ?? TURKEY (Sept 13-19) - ?? GREECE (Sept 20-26) - ?? B ...
10-06-2024 05:02

Malai Palak Chicken (Indian White Sauce with Soycurls and sp

Vegan malai palak chicken is a plant-based version of a popular Indian spinach curry. This is a baked, simplified version of this classic curry that i ...
10-06-2024 05:00

The Best Vegetable Stew

This Vegetable Stew recipe tastes like a vegetarian beef stew. It\'s loaded with healthy vegetables, and is gluten-free & vegan. ...
09-06-2024 05:02


Baking, cooking, eating, chatting & reviewing products all perfect for the luteal phase of your cycle! The time when you\'re hungrier, craving sweets, ...
08-06-2024 05:04

Drool-Worthy Delights | 3 Healthy Dessert Recipes for Every

RECIPE LINKS BELOW! ? Strawberry Sorbet: ? Avocado Pineapple Popsicles: ...
08-06-2024 05:04

Baked Eggplant and Tofu in Peanut Sauce (1 pan Gluten-free)

Baked eggplant and tofu in a super quick and flavorful peanut sauce is a one-pan meal that is super versatile! You can easily make this recipe gluten- ...
06-06-2024 05:01



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